Moveable Moravian Workbench Tour

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Take a tour of my moveable Moravian model workbench! This can be a improbable bench for hand instrument woodworkers. It was enjoyable to instructive to construct and is an absolute pleasure to make use of.

Based mostly on Will Myers’ analysis and instructing. See Will’s weblog posts on constructing the Moravian workbench right here:
Different sources on this design, together with a wonderful tutorial video by Will and free plans, might be discovered right here:


David says:

Best review I have seen on this bench no doubt. Would you mind sharing your experience regarding total cost to build and the number of hours?. Thanks again, Dave.

George Jashin says:

What wood is used for legs? It's a zebrawood?

Snowwalker says:

Nicely done! Very nice workbench. Moravian workbench has one of the coolest design. And it is very portable and functional.

Jon Hall says:

Great video Mac! Nice work!

pathfinda says:

Smart bench, nice video too, concise and to the point. Look forward to more

Stephan Dallons says:

Very nice workbench ! One of my favourite ! Good job

Paul Sidener says:

Nice looking bench. How much does Will get for the wagon vise? I’ve been thinking of getting one.

Vladimir Lopez says:

Great build I’m fortunate enough to own the DVD set wood and shop put out of Will Meyers showing how to build this bench. Unfortunately I’m in South Florida and cannot find a source for the right wood for the build near me. The top is the most difficult wood for me to find I don’t want to make it out of construction grade pine.

Baron Von says:

thanks for the tour and your thoughts the bench turned out great

UreaSmith says:

Thanks for sharing this. Great bench!

darklightBoy says:

Looks great! How does the "tool tray" base attach to the edge pieces?

lunaticprophet says:

It's been a couple months since you built your bench… any thoughts, positive/negative, about the design and how well it works? Anything you've discovered in its use that you hadn't expected? Anything that you'd add or change?

The HandToolery says:

Great bench and tour! Like the idea of shaking out the shaving from the removable tool tray. I really like the Moravian design but I’ve never used one. What made you go this style vs some other?

lunaticprophet says:

Thx for this. I've been researching the Moravian bench for a few months and this is the most thorough look I've found. Seeing the chop assembly is especially nice.
Your bench is a beautiful example… Well done!

LynnsGarage says:

How 'bout building another one and showing how you did it? What were the problems? How did you solve them? I would DEFINITELY watch that series!

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