Rotate-To-Retailer Flip High Thickness Planer Put in To All-In-One Woodworking Bench – P6

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Including my thickness planer to my final woodworking workstation construct was one of many more difficult installations.
I wished to put in it in order that I may fold it away when it’s obstructing using the desk noticed however I did not need it to go away a gap within the bench prime when it’s packed away like within the case of the Miter noticed.
I additionally wished to sink the planer in order that the remainder of the bench can deal with/assist the in-feed and out-feed of the inventory.

I made a decision to put in the planer on a 180° flip prime rotating desk with cupboard storage in order that when the planer is saved, the underside of the rotating mattress would full/fill the realm on the bench prime.

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Energy instruments featured:

Makita MLT100 Desk noticed:

Metabo KGS 254 M Miter noticed:

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geoff burrill says:

Nice job mate. A lot of thought has gone into your bench. 😀

SeB says:

Great Job. Really nice

Hamza Maiz says:

Great job.. Can you tell me how much time to finish this workstation

mike smith says:

dude, that is a SERIOUS work bench! awesome job, dude! makes me want to go build one right now!!!!

Aris Ang says:

why not redo the miter saw in the same way you did for the planer?

jorgen houtsma says:

I said to my wife: ' Lets sit down and watch Mission Impossible 1-4'

We ended up watching 'All-In-One woodworking workstation – P1-P7'

This is some serious shit you pulled off here. Jedi Master!! .. ow wait.. that was an other movie 😀

scott petrie says:

Coming along nicely!

posties says:

What are the dimensions of your shop space and the work bench? It's looking great!

Wet Husky says:

Very impressed!
I like the way you present your work with minimal 'over description'. 

Seany B says:

Great idea recessing the thickneser so that your workbench aligns with the planner bed.

Maurice Buzzell says:

Bravo to you it's nice to see a woodworker using his brain to make a project to his liking. When you began your project I was slightly confused with the outcome 'cause I would have done a few things differently but now I see where you are and you own you project it's all yours. By the way I feel for you my shop is 11.5' x 28' have to think out every project. Right. I 'm jealous seeing the light entering around your door here i Quebec Canada everything hast to be weather sealed insulated it's -20 C today. Keep up the fun.

heasoundsystems says:

Absolutely fantastic work! It's amazing how much you fit inside this work bench. I might have to "borrow" some of this for my next workbench

R.J. B says:

Nice work. Very well done!


"Kalınlık Planya" aracının sabitlenmiş olması, sonraki projelerde kısıtlamalar getirmektedir. Bu aracın mobil olması gerektiğini düşünüyorum. Aynı zamanda talaş, çalışma alanını kısıtlar.

The fact that the "Thickness Planer" tool is fixed imposes restrictions on subsequent projects. I think this tool should be mobile. at the same time the sawdust restricts the working area.

Jonathan Baxter says:

You can probably get rid of the side latches with your modified design. Given how evenly balanced the planer is, you should be able to just flip it up, close the door, and latch it down.

John Cole says:

Has this helped the snipe in your planer?

David Davis says:

Very nice job. Makes me thankful I have a two car garage workshop and just had to put mine on a roller cart and mine had fan assist of chips so just put a collection container under it. Roll it out two feet then connect and run. At least you have gaarge door to open in good weather and to blowout shop when needed.

Dave Lynch says:

Awesome idea and building for my small shop. Can't find the drawings for 6,7&8 section build though ?
Was also wondering what drawing program you are using? I'm just begining my set up and looking for these types of set ups.

Tom Fleck says:

This is ingenious!

kai wolti says:

Great Job!!!! Nice greetings from Germany👍

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