Super Simple Mobile & Modular Workbench

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I have to give credit to Steve and Bob for providing me the inspiration on this workbench. Be sure to check out their videos:

For step-by-step instruction, head on over to my blog:


Arnie's Home Improvements says:

Gotta love those safety shoe flip flops while handling some of that heavy stuff, LOL…

John Brender says:

Excellent Build…Great Instructional Video!…But I broke my skip this video rule…..Flip Flops in the work area?….Come on man put some shoes on.

ListerFeend says:

I'm building this tomorrow…well, half of it. I have an 8×10 shed, so I'm only building the Miter Saw half…I'm thinking about putting some dog holes in the top so I can have a detachable miter fence

Scott Walsh says:


G&G did not post exact measurements so I kept it as simple as I could. The following cut list is ONLY for the mitre station half of this project and will build a bench 96" wide x 24" deep x approx. 36" high (height will depend on size of caster you choose). Happy building!

2x6x31 (4) "outside" corners
2x6x24 (4) "inside" corners
2x4x24 (4) vertical supports
2x4x18 (12) cross pieces, including 2 for inset
2x4x34 (4) top horizontal braces
2x4x28 (4) 2 for base of mitre station and 2 for inset
2x4x96 (2) long horizontal pieces across the bottom
3/4x24x96 (1) plywood slab for base (I used oak plywood–very sturdy–so did not laminate the bottom or the top). You'll have to cut out notches for the casters but I just did that by eye.
3/4x24x?? (3) the top slab you will need to measure and cut to fit your desired mitre slot. My mitre slot is 28" wide (fits my 12" compound saw) and centered in the bench, so the middle piece is 3/4x24x28 and the outside pieces are each 3/4x24x34.

Pero Perić says:

it is functional, but as a woodworker I would never use a pocket holes to join anything!

Suzanne Beyer says:

That thing is so sturdy, it will be here after the apocalypse!

Troquero Locochon says:

Nice proyect hermano πŸ™‚

Christopher Shaffer says:

For the kreg jig, would you recommend getting the one you have? It looked like it was a lot easier drilling the holes than what I have. I have the little kreg jig I think K3 that you need a clamp and have to clamp on the wood every time.

lynncoxputter says:

Do you have a materials list and was your basic frame dimension 2 foot by 6 foot?

C.C HA says:

Perfect video to start my Sunday. Thanks you !

Kristina Gwinett says:

Amazing damn job!

Nived Murali says:

This is the first video I'm seeing from your channel,I'm impressed

Skydiver85alli says:

Great Job!! I am an avid follower of everything WWMM, and I just found Bobs channel last week. Both of those guys have amazing skills. Since my Wife finally let me give eviction notices to the cars in the garage, I now have my own wood shop. πŸ™‚
I will be building the work table this weekend and will be following this design pretty closely. Thanks Again, Awesome job!

msw1185 says:

Subscribed. Am about to start building this. Exactly what I had in mind after searching for a few days. I was hoping to find plans/cut list, but nothing wrong with requiring a little independent thought from the folks hoping to take advantage of your own independent thought and hard work. Well done!

Big G says:

I think this is very clever & I'll be incorporating some elements into my new bench. I'm disabled so lifting is hard but I love the overall concept. πŸ‘πŸ‘ SUBSCRIBED

The ambassador of the divided States of America says:

Damn nice job on the work bench and the video you just got a new subscriber.

Alex Mendez says:

This was an amazing and highly functional build. Keep the project videos coming! I do have a few questions. Have you had any issues with your work bench moving after the casters are locked or magnets engaged? Also what would be the weight capacity for the work bench?

Private Uploads says:

Nice and simple. I like that you show us how to build a work bench, and are not working on a work bench to build it, since that is what most people needing to build a work bench will have to deal with! I'd like to add in a jig to hold a fence for when you might want to use the cross cut saw in lieu of a table saw for ripping certain pieces. Excellent. I think this may be the bench I build.

Chad Mishmash says:

Can you share the overall dimensions of each bench?

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