Ultimate Outfeed/Workbench Storage Build

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In this video i give my outfeed table a major upgrade with some handmade storage drawers and slide out drawers for my consumable organizers. Check it out!





Milwaukee Job Site Tool Box Organizer

KREG Drawer Slide Jig

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RO BT says:

Background noise is a turn-off.

GamePlay Entertainment says:

sick man and the power strip is a good touch.

Archie Bunker says:

It probably doesn't make a noticeable difference with plywood shop stuff, but if you ever advance towards making nice furniture out of hardwood, you'll have to improve your jointer technique (especially in regard to where you apply pressure to true up stock.)

Район Рабочий says:

Всё у них есть: и станки и инструмент и время и место.а мы-ёбаные нищеброды….из "великой" страны

Paul Compton says:

Love the walnut plugs. Gives a nice detail. Something most would ordinarily skip on a shop table. Nice work.

Jack on the Farm says:

Love the table, but the music volume and pace was too much. Slow down, quiet down. Thanks

Brian Carson says:

ads are killing the internet

mattygee5000 says:

Trapping cutoffs between blade and rip fence as you have at 3:30 is risking violent kickback.  Use a stopblock clamped to fence to register your cut length.

daniel1980ization says:

dude you have the same problem that so many youtubers do! Your voice track is much lower volume than your music track so people turn up the volume to hear you then get blasted by the music. Really wish people would pay attention to that.

BOBBY says:

Awesome build. You could have kept the music a bit down.

emil flognoid says:

Loose long sleeves on a planer. Scary.

William Howard says:

to break down my plywood i purchased a rip cut love that tool easy too use and accurate

Svetlana Gladkih says:

like, but music terrible

hans pijpers says:

nice video but horrible audio (is that MUSIC ??)

David Stanton says:

Nice job with the walnut dowels!

Akshay Seth says:

Awesome design

Wabi Sabi Maker says:

Great storage addition John! I'm just curious, it doesn't appear that you are using the over arm dust collection on your saw stop. I'm about to buy one so I was wondering why not, if this is the case. Thanks for the videos.

Thistledown Woodcraft says:

So a pet peeve of mine is people dragging a sliding crosscut saw back to front of a board, you are the only one I have seen on YouTube using it correctly, front to back. Think about it, pushing the teeth down across a board or letting them bit into a board as it spins. O-well, good build!

John Bredemere says:

John – my last posted comment was meant for the desk scrap wood box, not this one – sorry : – (

John Bredemere says:

John – I love that bit of scrap timber you pulled out of the rack – SCRAP – that would cost me approx 10 quid back in the UK – looked like a nice piece of hardwood. loved the video.

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