Final Woodworking Workbench | What’s the excellent bench?

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There’s a variety of speak about what workbench is the most effective. Its actually not sophisticated the Excellent bench is on that works for you and your work circulation. In my case i desire a Hybrid bench NOT MADE OUT OF HARDWOOD. Woodworking is a private factor and so is a piece bench. on this video I share my excellent workbench, excellent for me.

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MakeTinkerShare says:

What does that hammer not have? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ€£πŸ˜‚

scott petrie says:

Bad ass. I support this!! Lol

SuperWingman69 says:

Izzy, thanks for making videos and sharing your thoughts and experiences with us/me. Thank you for providing enjoyment. I admire your intelligence and the way you express it in your videos/ projects .

Tim. Wilson says:

Meastro, Once again playing catch up on videos but I love your table!!! And what you say about building it for you! I see so many $1000 benches that I think are more a piece of art than something to really work on. And I also need a taller table after two back surgeries, so THANK YOU for hitting all those points and reiterating in my brain that I can do it my way, when I get to do it! Great table and video as usual!!! 😎

douglas carpenter says:

One of my favorite YouTube channels. I can't give any advice on wood but about your bad back, most ppls back problems originate in the front.
I recommend the ketogenic diet done right. Your body can repair and regenerate those joints with the proper nutrients. You'll drop a ton a of weight while getting healthier.
You will never be hungery or crave the bad carbs that cause virtually every disease that kills us.
I'm paralyzed, can't burn calories and turned to keto after the post injury weight gain of 100lbs. 75 of it gone so far.
Don't believe the lies, keto/paleo are the original diet.

Terence Brown says:

Love the bench Izzy

PaganWizard says:

I really appreciated how you began this video by saying that this bench is perfect for you, and that it might not work for everyone else. If you search Youtube today for "ultimate workbench" you will find an endless number of videos out there that the builder says his/her bench is the absolute best one on the planet. There can only be one perfect bench, and that is the one that works perfectly for the person using it. GREAT VIDEO!!!!!!!!

ken ezzell says:

You gotta do somrhing with those white walls.

Gary Jones says:

Can’t wait to try it out.

Robert Brunston says:

Your bench looks cool! Thank you.

Bill Parco says:

I really like that dowel system on the side with the buck.
Will def copy that this weekend in the shop.

I Had A Bad Day says:

Take care of your health Izzy. As a man with a build similar to yours, I know back problems can be debilitating.

kinnell family scotland xxx says:

the vices are amazing bud

kinnell family scotland xxx says:

put in izzys hands and the answer comes air etc is perfect idea also have a word for brexit salution pmsl

akiva zohar says:

Bench is awesome, as usual, but having a CNC machine makes it very difficult for most of us that don’t.
BTW my says it looks like you lost some weight!

Oliver Delica says:

If you're worried about hardwood trad workbench being too hard, then go with softwoods like pine. I'm not suggesting this to Izzy Swan. I'm saying this to anyone else interested in trad workbenches.

Bearded Penguin says:

Great looking workbench Izzy.
Really like the idea of dual sliding deadmans in conjunction with the clamping crochet.
Most importantly, we need MORE Meghan!!!

E Caff says:

I'm happy for you. You deserve it all. Thanks for sharing.

AlwaysHopeful87 says:

Looking forward to the upcoming videos. Hey Izzy, I had back problems for a long time. Doing the Keto diet, lost 30 lbs, and it helped my back.

Eric Roy says:

Great video man! Most of the ones I've seen, are of people showing me how to make, but there are various ways and it is all preference and what works for you, which is the case in a lot if aspects of woodworking. 8 appreciate your info and the way you think. Thanks for sharing

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