Workbench on wheels

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Building a workbench to wheel outside my big garage when doing welding or plasma cutting.


LowJack187 says:

Lets see how long it takes him to plasma cut through it.

Robsb1234 says:

I find it interesting that you measure in centimeters, but you are working with 2×4 lumber. I believe that you are in Canada. Are imperial units common with building materials in Canada?

จงกล ศรีสว่าง says:






Brian Mullaney says:

Hi Matthias, I'm trying to copy your box joint work bench frame design. I glued up a test box and I'm having trouble getting it perfectly square. It's close but not quite square. How were you able to get such square front and back frames with imperfect 2×4?

Pedro Araújo says:

Thank you for showing us this wonderful work.

plunder1956 says:

Is there any real difference between floating tennens and dominos?

Tripwire Slingshots says:

You should do I video on how much money you saved by making your own tools, jigs etc…

TeeKay Pew says:

I just love the way you over engineer the living hell out of even the simplest things like this. Not even like it’s a bad thing. If there is ever an earthquake, tornado, nuclear disaster, then you can always use a piece of your furniture as a temporary bunker. Keep at it my friend.

Richard Patterson says:

Please don't ever stop showing your screw ups, and the fixes. Thank you

Fayze Mourie says:

super joint

Matthew Ross says:

A festool clamp 0:18!

Tom Tom says:

What a great piece of carpentry, thanks

silentassultsquad says:

Question: I believe I've heard you say in some other videos that wood glue will usually be stronger than the wood itself a lot of times, that being the case if you have a piece smaller piece of wood like around 6:48 and are left with less wood than if you made a mortise cutting away the wood, am I correct if I say that even if the wood glue is stronger in a floating tenon and mortise example that it wouldn't do any good since you hog away most of the original board material? Sorry if this is confusing, couldn't think of how to word it properly.

Joe Framer says:

I’m a custom Framer, so I can appreciate your skill level and ingenuity…..nice job

Joseph Payne says:

Wow. you are very skilled. Did you make all the tools like the mortise etc?

matt schoon says:

Sorta dangerous ehh 2 saw blades

Darryl BEAN says:

What you couldn't find any bigger ones?


samlol23 says:

so much easier watching someone else do this……. (and I don't need to shower either).
You are a brilliant craftsman.
I enjoy every one of your videos

Uncommon Thread says:

Incredible workmanship I'm speechless you inspire me truley

Shawn Brown says:

Well built!

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