Workbench with Pop Up Bench Canines

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Beginning the brand new 12 months within the new store, I’m in determined want of labor surfaces. This straightforward workbench was the very first thing on my DIY initiatives record for this 12 months. I even added some bells and whistles to make it extra versatile and helpful.

I do not significantly want a workbench for hand instrument woodworking, however the concept of bench canine all the time appeared helpful, even only for clamping functions. So I made a decision so as to add them and an inset vise as options to this workbench, and possibly sometime they may come in useful if I ever get into hand instruments.

The pop up bench canine make this a self-contained workbench with all the suitable items proper there and able to go. I thought-about utilizing three/four” wood dowels to make the bench canine, however I had some three/four” brass rod that I believed would work effectively and look nice.

And hey, house for some clamp storage besides, I will take it!

Off digital camera, I did add some bracing to the again to offer some extra rigidity within the side-to-side course, however truthfully it is loads stable as it’s, and low cost sufficient to construct because it’s all southern yellow pine. I did not need to break the financial institution and use maple, I do not thoughts the dings and scratches that can inevitably occur to this desk. It is meant for use and abused!

I constructed the bench that I want and that I’ll use. There are undoubtedly extra issues that may make this extra helpful for any individual else, and a few issues I added on right here that won’t appear applicable in any respect. I knew that my primary use case for this simply required one thing massive and durable. Be happy to duplicate or alter its design in any means you have to make a workbench that may work greatest for you!

The 2 vises I used for this construct are the Veritas Inset Vise and the Yost 750E Rotating Vise. For the pop-up mechanism, I am positive you’ll find some cheaper options (google round for “push latch” or “cylinder push latch”). I bought these as a result of the form did not require modification to slide right into a drilled gap:

Sorry for the temporary hiatus. I wanted to catch up just a little bit after the transfer to Texas. I lastly really feel like I am again within the swing of issues, so 2019 ought to be a reasonably good 12 months and I ought to be fairly according to movies! Thanks for all of your assist!

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Ian Johnson says:

Looks like it might be prone to wracking, especially with the leg assemblies just screwed in using angled brackets. Then you have those cross members bolted on with just a single bolt through each end, that allows for a wracking movement.

Joshua Luther says:

Very nice! 👌👌 I do a lot of hand planing on my bench that I built. The connection between the top and legs really should be stronger. I noticed that when you were hand planing at the end, it was racking. That would annoy me. Over time that is only going to get worse. Even if you were to have two bolts in each leg into the stretchers of the shelf, that would help minimize the racking. My bench has half laps connecting the bottom shelf to the legs as well as a small tenon on the top of the legs going into a shallow Mortise on the underside of the top. And I wouldn't even consider myself any kind of fine woodworker. Great video though. I really enjoy watching your content. Keep up the great work.

cri8tor says:

A wooden tank.

Barry Norman says:

Nice build I was so impressed with the pop-up dogs and using what I assume are cabinet catches??? Maybe you could confirm for me. I think everybody noticed the mitre saw being out but I guess you know that. Thank's for posting.

D. Alex Oprea says:

pretty cool.

Christopher Cornette says:

1:15 – are you intending to chop at a very slight miter, or is your saw misaligned? Just asking.

hema swimfan says:

مفيش ثبات للطربيزه

Sapele Steve says:

Terrific job and, as other have noted, with a few tweaks here & there, that would make for a perfect work bench! Those pop up bench dogs are genius. You have a new subscriber!

Mireya M. says:

Great video!

Wagner Luís says:

A brilliant mind 👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👏👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

Jeffrey T says:

Really nice looking bench

edal61 says:

I am impressed with your skills, design and craftsmanship. The only negative observation I have to make is on or about minute 6:30 while you were pushing the end of the side of the table on the jointer machine. Thanks for sharing.

David Letz says:

Great build! Just out of curiosity, what do you do with the shavings from the planer?

Henry Robinson says:

Nicely done sir!

Roland Keys says:

Beautifully simple and good looking, my only concern is the racking when you are planning. This will get worse with use and you may find that you will need some extra bracing.

Mark G says:

one of the best benches ive seen so usable

Jon Dalrymple says:

Love the bench and I could play with those bench dogs for hours. Just one small comment – there seemed to be a reasonable amount of lateral movement with the top when you were planing at the end of the video. Have you since found a way to combat this? Great build though..thanks.

MrSbenn69 says:

Brilliant addition to a very neat shop, thanks for sharing, Subscribed😄

Pierre Littée says:

Another brilliant design and execution. Does it take longer to design and build your idea, or film and edit your video ?

Travis Lanier says:

I liked everything except the way you attached the top and then only used one lag bolt to secure each bottom brace. It's going to turn into a parallelogram. It already has a ton of movement when you were shaving at the end. One solution would be to stabilize the bottom and it'll eliminate the rocking by adding a 45 brace from corner to corner. It'll take away from the beauty but I'd rather that than for it to collapse or rock. Hopefully that made sense. Hope to see more content man! You've got some good ideas!

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