10 Years of making woodworking videos on YouTube. How maker content has evolved.

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Some highlights and observations from 10 years of making content on YouTube.
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Ingrid RB says:

Congratulations on 10 years on YouTube! You were one of the very first woodworking channels I subscribed to (if not the first) and I've enjoyed almost every single one of your videos in the 5 or 6 years since I found your channel, if not for educational purposes than for inspirational or relaxation.

Thanks for continuing to be a positive influence in a world that is increasingly negative, both on and off YouTube.

Razvan Dolha says:

Great, Stev!!!

Ground_Pilot 595 says:

I want to say congrats on 10 years, Steve But more importantly – I want to say thank you for all that you do. I cannot even imagine how many lives you have changed through your channel. Here's to 10 more!

J Lathem says:

Not sure if it's possible but how about a few down & dirty (quick videos) on making Halloween props for the weekend woodworking crowd? That might be some teasers for your paid course. Maybe!

Aaron Hawk says:

Thanks for explaining, I love the project videos and def want more. I get what you are saying though, gotta make a living!

Inspire Woodcraft says:

This might be one of your best videos, Steve. I’d like to add that not only have you shown us all how to make awesome stuff with crappy tools, but also that you don’t need a studio and fancy camera gear to make videos and pass down knowledge. Congrats on the milestone!

Martin says:

one of the core and really miss the crazy frontier days of this site

MikeBramm says:

Pretty much all of my subscriptions are to educational channels, like this one. Sure, AvE and This Old Tony are funny and entertaining, they are also educational. You'd have to be pretty mindless to just watch entertaining videos without learning something. Keep up the good work. 😉

JusBidniss says:

Hey, I got your stone knives and bear skins 'City on the Edge of Forever' Star Trek reference, Stevin!

Justin Courts says:

Great videos, thank you for this one. Hopefully I will be able to join your next class. Being short handed at work didn't allow to do this one.

Daniel Vedamuthu says:

Can we get more frequent videos like this? I go back and watch stuff from Mere Minutes and those are some of the most fun and engaging videos you've posted!

Logan Sumrell says:

Thanks Stev

Warren Downes - One Wood says:

Congratulations on 10 years Steve you have always been an inspiration and fantastic entertainer. That bought back some good memories.

Neil Griffin says:

I have always enjoyed your videos and I have made a lot of your projects keep them coming

Adrian Higgins says:

Congratulations Steve , been watching since 2010 has been awesome 👏

pfckirk says:

I love it. Congratulations on your anniversary. I remember seeing your video about the cancer diagnosis and my heart totally dropped. Your frustration struck me like I was watching my dear old Uncle Steve Ramsey raging out! The transformation and content have all been an excellent focus and I wish you at minimum another 10 years to do more great stuff!

Pando says:

You know how I was recently referred to your channel? It's because you're famous for being the guy who still uses Ryobi tools. lol. I mean, how can you make things without a shop full of Festool? 😂

bigports says:

Dont know if anyone here can help me but ive only recently got into woodwork and am a little stuck in the design/concept department. I want to make these three things in one, 4-6 a3 frames for movie posters, shelving for blurays and display stands for movie statues. My designs suck really bad and i don't want to waste wood building something I won't be happy with. Dont know if anyones ever made something like this before but if they have I would like to look at their designs for some ideas. Any help would be appreciated

J E says:


Pando says:

Congratulations on your Anniversary. I will say I'm surprised the project videos aren't as popular. I'm one of the viewers who love them, watch them all the way through and save to a folder for practical use. Also like product reviews as I'm new to woodworking and buying things for the first time.

My biggest pet peeve are the "Top 10" list videos all over YT. Can't stand them.

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