#Wonderful Methods Carpenters Japanese Architectural Expertise working professionally – Woodworking

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#Wonderful Methods Carpenters Japanese Architectural Expertise working professionally – Woodworking
+ Observe PAGE : https://www.fb.com/Mr.Suc1991


M M says:

നിങ്ങളെയൊക്കെ സമ്മതിക്കണം

Victor González Palicio says:

Finalmente que es esto, el monumento a la complejidad?

Harald365 says:

Wahnsinn…und so 100% genau :-))…geht auch ohne CNC-Maschine!!!

Daniel Miller says:

You guys are unreal. I would love to come to Japan and spend some time working with you. Your work is as close to perfection as I've ever seen with human hands.

Bo sal says:

اشوف عمل الخشب والنجاره والفيديو ناقص لم يكتمل هذا العمل
شكراً الى اللقاء
تحياتي لصاحب القناه بالتوفيق والنجاح ❤️🌹

Макс Садыков says:

&hi hi hi hi hi hi ho

baby says:

Raides of the lost arc

grumpy23240 says:

3m 30s — screws?

Bruce W McLaughlin says:

I always find it fascinating all the talent that goes into making something complex as this is , but the common consumer will look at the product and not see the craftsmanship at all.

RAMSESpepino says:

mucha mariconeada

Eric Strebel says:

terrible, no continuity, no explanation, just not good video production, disappointed

Erich Kaltenbrunner says:

This is craftsmanship on LSD

Artur Christoph says:

Metal screws? 🙁

Paweł Pe says:

I am very impressed with your work every day, I try to achieve more and more accuracy in my work, thank you for inspiration. I greet with my son from Poland🇵🇱
LOVE to Japan 🇯🇵✌

Partly Vous says:

Those compound miters must have been a mind fk to do. Absolutely astonishing attention to detail.👌😀😃🤣

Carlos R Alves says:

belissimo …. nao ha argumentos pra descrever uma maravilha dessa … perfeito … !!!!!

Otto Leisering says:

I really don't get this. All that incredible joinery… and then they drive ugly wood screws. I assume that they will be covered up but still. It seems un-Japanese.

Lorenzo Gonzalez says:

Sin palabras.
Mis respetos por la perfección.

David Sanchez says:

No he visto objetos más elaborados he inútiles en mi vida

J Austin says:

A little disappointed to see them driving screws.. but with that being said, extremely impressive, time consuming craftsmanship that only the Japanese can do so well. 👍🏼

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