Amazing Woodworking Technical Extremely High – How To Make A Shutter Door For Storage Cabinets

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Amazing Woodworking Technical Extremely High
How To Make A Shutter Door For Storage Cabinets
Build A Storage Cabinets
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Bằng Trần says:

carpenter in vietnam

Natalia Radke says:

Arbeit Sicherheit wird groß geschrieben 😂

Travis Hicks says:

As an amateur with woodworker, I typically feel overpowered with the entire arrangement. Be that as it may, this arrangements drove me through with much clarity and effortlessness [Link Here== ]. I now work like a genius. That is great!

Miguel Rodriguez says:

Lo que es la vida cuando ya uno tienen todas las herramientas

LePilkin62TV says:

Мне нравится ваша работа.Удачи вам!

Armando Gonzalez says:

Safety 11/10

Михаил Михайлович says:

Древесина мягкая руки откуда надо)

Yr Marka says:

Это вам не хухры – мухры!

Хороший парень says:

monkey crafters

David Kurner says:

now go and buy it at B&Q £10.99 lol

Steve Pettit says:

Job Well Done 👍
Thanks for sharing this.

Ajay Kumar says:

Good work, but safety ignored..

King'oi Mkenya says:

That is craftsmanship at its best. Thanks for sharing.

Danh Duy says:

Làm chớp còn non lắm.

MVP says:

Cuando vayas a usar la garlopa pon la guia cerca del borde, a la distancia que vas a trabajar. Es un peligro trabajar asi, se te vira la madera un dia y vas a pasar un mal rato.

Mauricio Subias says:

Hayyyy, es un temerario… Para las personas que no tienen experiencia en el uso de estas sierras y cepillos, tomen de ejemplo este video de como no se debe trabajar, esta persona se nota tiene experiencia en carpinteria pero nada de conocimiento de la seguridad en el manejo de esas herramienras.

David Reyna says:

All that for 1 cabinet door?!? Insane

luu tuanlinh says:

These guys from Vietnam, they dont have enough tools and safe ways to do their job but they're great.

Patrick Guillory says:

This man has the best & right tools….. Industrial shop.

EDWARD Nygard says:

How does a closet door not cost $10,000.00 oh yah china

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