Beginning Japanese Woodworking || Making a Chisel Box

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A practical box for practical things. Like Japanese chisels.


Nik Berean says:

Just eyeball it LOL!!

Jason Naff says:

Great project! I really like the idea of woodworking with simple but effective tools and the freedom to 'think outside the box' 🙂

Laurent Vaslin says:

Sorry but this is terrible craftsmanship…

Mikhandmaker says:

Beautiful box!

Robert Brunston says:

Interesting box! Thank you.

Rusty Gun says:

Dude are you sitting on the floor? How about the next project is to build a proper work bench? Good project thanks for posting.

david jackson says:

cood to see the bare feet can hold stuff with toes

srv3fender says:

great job Daniel – Bobby

Chestnut_nag's Tools From Japan says:

I've been making a chisel wrap out of the leather stash I nabbed. It sucks! I'd forgotten how painful it was on the fingers to sew leather.

So when I make my tool box I'm going to make chisel boxes instead of wraps to suit. It will take my a fraction of the time of the leather wrap.

Chestnut_nag's Tools From Japan says:

I used the word dapper.

Oficina de Apto says:

Parabéns por todos os trabalhos mostrados, mais um Like .

LimitedGunnerGM says:

Where do you live? Looks and sounds like you’re close to me!

Dingoart says:

I have a catalpa tree at least 2.5 feet in diameter, I can only imagine how many boxes it would make.

Tim Elmore says:

I love that you keep it simple. I've often thought of starting a channel called 10 Tool Tim to show people that you don't need to buy everything before you can make something.

Siga o Mestre Sergio Duarte says:

Muito bom, very good

Jim K says:

Nice. Looks like you got a place with more room?

gA says:

Nice, on my list………thank you.

Garenne01 says:

Nice box 😁👍🏼

Timber Anew says:

A lovely box with some creative joinery, love it!

omer aslan says:

greetings from Turkey its very nice cool

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