Building a Mahogany Desk! | Woodworking

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Building a Mahogany Desk! | Woodworking

Hello all! SO MUCH has happened since I’ve last seen you guys! This desk was quite a special project for myself, and it pushed the limits of my woodworking skills. Lots of head scratching and serious thought went into it.

I know many of you are wondering where I have been for the last several months, and I promise I will share more on all of that soon. Lots to come in the future! 🙂



Tammy Finch says:

That is beautiful!

Judy Kerkeslager says:

This video was exceptional! Your skills are growing by leaps and bounds!

Red Dog 8814 says:

WOW! That is some exceptional work. Very impressive!!

Agustin Jimenez says:

Good job man

abhijit dey says:

Wow, after a long time, you're back with a bang.


You’ve come a long way young man! Very impressive!

Projeto Trebuchet says:

Great work!

Keith Garrett says:

What an awesome piece. I'm excited to see you return. Missed watching you.

Way Woodworking says:

Nice shop! Nice work as well.

Jordan woodworking says:

Awesome build and video


It is nice to see how your woodworking has progressed from where you first started.

The HandToolery says:

Absolutely stunning! Love it, man! That is an heirloom piece for sure.

Efrain Carrillo says:

It's been like forever! Always happy to see your videos. That desk was a spectacular build!!!

Andy says:

Hey welcome back! great work 🙂

blueboyblue says:

Your video editing skills are getting better too! And let me say again, really fantastic final result. Beautiful Desk!

Sam Kawalek says:

Nice work man!

Ajey says:

Master class!

Jennifer White says:

welcome back
awesome build

El Atelier says:

Nice job!! Congratulations, from Argentina!

ThePapabear2012 says:

Turned out fantastic!

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