Building a Mid Century Modern TV Stand – Woodworking

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Last month I built a Mid Century Modern record player stand, and I failed. So today I’m redeeming myself and turning it into a Mid Century Modern TV stand and pulling out all of the woodworking stops.


// TOOLS –
▸ Incra T-Rule (the marking square thing) |
▸ Arm R Seal Urethane Top Coat |



▸ Body – Panasonic GH5 |
▸ Lens – Panasonic 12-35mm f/2.8 |
▸ Lens – Panasonic 35-100mm f/2.8 |





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Music by Chris Jon Johnson. Check him out on under the name “Sleepy Pablo”.
Link –


Mortgage & Mitre says:

I’ve got at least three pieces of furniture that I built that I’ll definitely be removing the soft close hardware from! Great video, Chris. You’ve got it made as a high school motivational speaker of the YT thing doesn’t pan out.

Randy Eze says:

Great video 🙂 number one fits you very well!

Fester Adams says:

you lost me at the glasses, bye

sloergod says:

looked better before – Hmm

John Made it says:

I like it even more as a TV stand. 👍

Emma Chen says:

2, because 1 makes your face appear larger and it seems a bit harsh with the black

A5 Works says:

Personally i'd ditch the hardwood slides all together and go with waxed hardwood on hardwood runners. It's how I've done almost all of my furniture and they slide like they are on air.

simon bowes says:

Starting to get very creative with the auld Segway 🙂

Q8abood says:

Defintly number 1

Rick Astley says:

So you watch Mad Men.

NJP Designs says:

At first I thought…Oh, this is going to be boring. I was wrong, and I should have known better. I’ve never not enjoyed your videos. Great job on the update! 👍 And I vote #5 on the glasses.

Shane Semler says:

He shows perfect piece of hand-made furniture, and says, "this is a failure". 😂

Food Scientist says:

number uno. Number 1

Crafter Maker says:

😍 As always beautiful work!
I like #2 👓

Badger Workshop says:

Great build and super life advice.

Terry Burns-Dyson says:

I wouldn't go and say "pretty average tv stand" I think that is a really nice piece of furniture. I would love to put my TV on something like that. Also, #5.

Lara Vincent-Young says:

I vote pair 1

Zach Johnson says:

Another awesome vid Chris!

Voting for #1

Bryce Dauser says:

I preferred option 1, but I’m partial to option 2 for shop use.

Clayton Davis says:

I forgot my headphones at home so now I can't watch this at…not work. Guess I'll have to wait until I'm home from…not work. Thumbs up already because I know it'll be awesome.

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