Forging my very own Woodworking Instruments

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After I first began getting actually into handtool woodwork, I spotted if I discovered primary blacksmithing, I might make my very own handtools, so I got down to make all of the instruments I would want to show the timber I fell on the farm into heirloom high quality furnishings. I cast a drawknife, a carving axe, a number of carving knives, chisels, an adze, splitting wedges and made my very own shavehorse. Try these movies on my channel. Inexperienced woodworking, and riving inexperienced wooden for furnishings is a vital talent to be taught as a result of it teaches rather a lot about wooden grain, wooden motion, and why wooden “acts” the way in which it does. Turning into a blacksmith was only a means to an finish for me, and one other step in direction of sustainability and self-sufficiency on my homestead. I am extremely grateful for the instructors and amenities at Pratt Nice Arts Middle for the chance to be taught forging and metallic work. If you happen to’re within the Seattle space, remember to test them out-

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Tatepi Shepard says:

I've just subscribed. Awesome work, keep on doing please. Hugs from Hungary 😊

David Clarke says:

β€œBucket list”…. groan πŸ˜‰

John Baker says:

Please grind the heads of your wedges when they break off they come flying at you at high speed

Fenrir Forge says:

Awesome girl πŸ™‚

Mitch Spacone says:

You are one talented individual. I really enjoy your videos – you make hard work look fun!

Brandon Schmeidler says:

Holy hell. Either those logs at 3:03 is really light wood or you are freakin' strong!

James Ledesma says:

I like you in your friend showed what draws me to both you Just have a happy-go-lucky personality good looking it's a lot fun to look at you that a guy that basically does this for a living

mzaj222 says:

You are πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘ I like this video .

Pocketfarmer1 says:

Hi. Just a quick warning…. Please ,please grind the peened over edges off your wedges. My cousin killed himself spilting wood like that . A piece broke off and shot him through the heart. Dead. I also know a guy who lost an eye. Grind the tops of your wedges. There is nothing honorable about the mushroomed head.
All in all ,I like your work. Good luck.

ricocampos says:

Great video! β™₯
Good work.
Hugs from Porto Alegre (City – Happy Port), Rio Grande do Sul (State – Big South River), Brasil (Country – Brazil).
Ricardo (Rico) Campos

Gary Douglass says:

Is this your workshop that you use??

1959ticktock says:

You have loads of energy Anne. I wouldn't like to get in your way when you decide you want to do something.

Joe Leonetti says:

Pretty cool. I've subscribed. I do hand tool woodworking. About two years ago, I made a Foreplane. It is by far one of my favorite tools. I made the body but not the blade. I definitely can see the appeal of what you are doing. Near whee I live there is a place that teaches black smithing and casting. I thought it would be fun to to make some more tools and blades. Looking forward to watching your videos.

Kristian Molstad says:

Grind those mushroom tops on the wedges if you don't want shrapnel stuck in your arteries!

sologuitar says:

You look pretty cute in those overalls

ta Khonn says:

U posted it on my birthday. Feel liked a gift, I always wanna be a female woodworker, but things never go right…

Agent Zier says:

Your inspiring:) can you do a video on the process of green wood working? Like how it gets from tree to usable wood for projects?

Bryan Miller says:

You should collaborate with Alec Steele.

labrat7357 says:

I like to tinker with tools and change them occasionally but hell making them from scratch. I'm impressed. Nice workshop by the way. All the best.

Art CNR Claudio Rodriguez says:


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