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On this episode we construct a French cleat system to carry the entire glue and adhesives you’d sometimes discover in a workspace!

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My French cleat closet video

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Finishes and solvents
Paste wax
Wipe on poly
Halcyon Clear
Mineral Spirits

Cordless angle grinder
Cordless round noticed
Cordless drill/driver combo
Cordless router
Cordless mini blower
Pneumatic brad nailer
Air compressor

Glues and adhesives
Wooden glue
Epoxy resin
5 Minute epoxy
Spray glue

24” bar clamps
12” HD f-style
Fast launch clamps

1 three/four” blue tape
1” blue tape 3pk
Gorilla Tape, Strongest ever
Tyvek Tape, Finest for resin masking
Wooden grain duck tape

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Derek Cavan says:

Yeah you are far too organised Chris. My workshop is in my garage and is an absolute mess. As chaotic as it may be I still tend to find stuff easily as I always put it in the same place lol

This summer (when the sun finally shines for more than a few days in a row here in Ireland) I intend pulling the whole place apart and putting it all back together, in some better manageable order. I will be including a french cleat wall in there, a large crosscut sled (like the one you built 5 months ago) and I would LOVE a tv in my space too.
Problem I can see there however is the dust. So I am thinking of having the tv enclosed in a box on the wall with a perspex window (for viewing) so the unit remains as dust free as it can be.

I might try making a short time-lapse video, if I can figure it out..

Anyway, great job as usual. I'm jealous as hell!

Do you think ½ inch ply is enough for most french cleats, or is it better to use ¾ inch for a larger resting surface? Thanks 😉

Mortgage & Mitre says:

My eyes were glued to this hole video 😜

H mahaffey says:

Love the video you have any plans for the crosscut sled

Bruce A. Ulrich says:

You're so freaking organized! It's sickening….and inspiring. 😉

Karen Mitchell says:

Chalk on the maker board…hard to read. And thanks for the CA glue recommendation.

Justin Brandon says:

The tape drip tray… Absolute stroke of genius my friend! Great video as usual!

Marcel's Workshop says:

What a smart move to put that tape down for drips.

Tharemy Hopkins says:

Guy: hey got any ideas for cord management?
A Glimpse Inside: how bout Baltic Birch?
Haha, love it, both those walls are looking sweet

D’s Hard Wood Creations says:

Nice clean look

Jess Julian says:

You are a fun guy. Loved the video. Thanks for sharing it.

AC Nailed It says:

Cleats on cleats on cleats… Really dig this build Chris!

Rustic By Nature says:

Jess lives very close to me. Thanks for sharing.

rich hubert says:

Hey Chris nice build. Think your gonna be the French cleat king here soon. And that's a ton of gorilla glue.

Make & Repeat says:

Looking clean! I look forward to seeing what other caddies you make to put up there, post them on IG!

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