How to Make a Beer Tote / Caddy. Woodworking Project You Can Sell!

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How to make a beer tote caddy! This woodworking project is great for batching out and selling at craft fairs and also makes a great handmade gift!

Get the plans for these beer totes:

Hardwood from Kencraft:

Large Bandsaw:
Table Saw:
Incra Miter Gauge:
Jet Drill Press:
Blue Painters Tape:
Disc Sander:
Yellow Push Block:
Random Orbit Sander:
Wood Glue:
Bessey Clamps:
Combination Square:
Little Bandsaw:
Divider Tool:
Flush Trim Saw:
Spray Lacquer:
Bottle Opener:

Walnut File Cabinet Build:
Picture Framing Sled:
Dry Erase Magnetic Wall:

Music by Me:
Patreon Support / Extra Content:
T-Shirts / Books / Stickers / Plans:
My Other YouTube Channel:
Making It Podcast:


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Robinson says:

Return of the drunken woodworker?

Dragon Slayer says:

Love your videos!

Jose Antonio Romero Palms says:

Great art… So interesting and amazing… Thanks for sharing a awesome video… Strange? You have a USA, Canada, Mexico and United Kindom flags in your wall, what does mean?

Charles Holland says:

the grizzly bandsaw is m.i.a.!

Marcos Lopez says:

Fantastico, gracias!!!!

Cody Foreman says:

I love how you called that masking tape when that's painters tape

Paul Buffington says:

I was surprised you did not make a custom sled to cut those angles faster than on the band saw.

Woodward Builds says:

Yes! These videos are what got me into woodworking. Love it!

FlipperBooch219 says:

8:27 is that a DiResta ice pick?

JEDIDIAH SHULTZ Irish Craftsman says:

Awesome job David!! Thank you for sharing and I hope to put this to good use!!😊👍

Will Burnham says:

What is the name of the craft show and when/where will it be? It would be great to be able to go and meet you and buy something you’ve made.

TheTricky38 says:


Kenmaira says:

Had to wait until the end of today so I could watch it, awesome project to batch out!!

Jimmy Crowley says:

“Don’t under value yourself” truer words have never been spoken. I get crap from people sometimes when I sell my wooden American flags at craft shows. Crowleywooddesigns on IG. Takes a lot of time to make them. I value my time and hard work a lot.

Will Miles says:

what happened to Eric?

Michael Russo says:

"Make those projects and sell them." God damn man of the people right there!

jose gonzalez says:

Congratulations for your channel there is much to learn ! Thanks for our flag in your workshop! ! I admire your work , greetings from Mexico!

Brian Prusa says:

That’s totes cool.

Max Hallowell says:

Why dont you just CNC the parts out like JImmy and BOB?

Tony Ioannoni says:

Out of curiosity, in a show, how much you sell those? BTW superb video, up to the point…one flag missing, Italy!

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