How to Make a Rolling Lumber Storage Cart // Woodworking

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I made a new Rolling Lumber Storage Cart to accommodate my growing collection of materials in the bigger shop. It is simple and sturdy and you can build on of your own!

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ST.Ethan Slawson says:

I watch this guy late night to help me fall asleep it’s not that his videos are boring it’s the fact that his voice is so soothing and practical and it fills my head with good thoughts he also seems like he’s really got it all figured out

josh trout says:

I hope to have a shop like yours one day lol

Do It says:

6:54 “Ain’t nobody got time fo’ dat”

Miles Peterson says:

I might add a front brace of some kind just to keep the wood from tipping over, though I'm not sure how…

James Clarke says:

You could throw an 18" strap with a 5-10lb weight on the end on top on the plywood side, too, to keep the tops from flipping out while rolling.

Fixit Russian says:

can you make video on under staircase pull out wardrobe

Hưng Nguyễn Ngọc says:

please ! make a chess board and pieces please !

Leo Builds It says:

You made one already.

chris sherfield says:

I would have use the sides were the handles were and made those drawers for little oddball pieces or somthing

Haroon Khan says:

Who else Watches The Video

BUT DOESN'T make the Projects

Alex Oghoorian says:

if i had enough wood to make that (let alone store stuff in it) i would totaly make that

Making And Fixing says:

I love the conduit idea. Hey maybe you could attach a bungee rope around the plywood sheets to keep them from falling off when moving the cart.

Gap Chronicles says:

Awesome build! I think the pipe idea is cool but if the wood starts to fall I think bungee cords would be a nice adjustable holder!!

Patrick Cox says:

Based on personal experience, I would suggest putting at least one divider on your stick lumber storage as well. Make that a dedicated "4-foot and shorter" area, otherwise, I've found that you'll put a shorter (say 3 foot) piece of lumber on the rack, and then it gets pushed and pushed into the middle and you'll never be able to get to it. putting in a divider would make it so that you have a section where a piece of lumber could never get pushed more than half-way down, and you should be able to reach it.

Just a note, but nice cart.

Kevin Pelkey says:

Nice, Simple just what is needed. I like the Idea of being able to move the pegs where you need them.

Frederik Delacourt says:

With only the sheet of MDF at the bottom, I'm afraid that the sheet is going to buckle under the load. I know the caster are helping to maintain it in place but still. I built mine by putting 2×4 frame under the sheet to maintain the rigidity. Thoughts?

S K says:

This Bob guy is good at making stuff

Alec Ver Bunker says:

MDF is a bit bigger cause the edges always get kinda messed up. Gives you the ability to cut a fresh edge when your ready to install it.

TheZestful12 says:

The track music that plays before the 6 min mark is awful for this sort of video!

Stanley Pearse says:

Bob, this cart is AWESOME!!!!

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