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Rowland Custom Woodworking - Phillip Rowland says:

Great video man. Everyone has their complaints on pricing, or glue, or whatever. Not their business. People should join Cutting Board Mafia on Facebook if you're an up and coming woodworking wanting to learn more. I love that you're transparent with the business side though, as that is the hardest part for most people. I wish I could find more help on the marketing side myself. The only thing I would suggest for this video, it took me forever to learn, would be to raise the grain before final sanding. Gives a better final product and takes 10 extra seconds. So many small details add to the final product, and you hit a ton here. Keep it up man. Glad to see you being successful. I'm going back to raise some prices now lol.

Austin Steele says:

Great cutting board! It turned out really nice😎 and i thought the pricing and material tips were great👌👍

Architectcraft says:

Check out great videos on my channel

UncleSarkis says:

I could not personally sell a friend a cutting board like that for a hundred bucks and I would have to go the extra mile and give him or her an end grain cutting board.

Back in the day I use to sell vinyl fencing, sometimes I'd give estimates to friends and family of the owner, for which he gave them the price not me, and it was almost always higher than what I charged others.

He would take advantage of the people that knew him and charged higher.

Bill Lewis says:

$100 long grain cutting board with planer snipe? C'mon man

John Lambert says:

Good stuff white grain: solid content as usual

Ruth Reay says:

at 40% Margin this should've been $125 you are actually only making 29% margin not 40% margin. all you did was mark the cost up by 40% markup WAY different than margin.

Lewis Brazil says:

I like your videos, I do not want to pile on with selling your cutting board for 115.00, If you look on esty there are probably 100 pages of end grain board 1.5 to 2 inches thick x 12×16 ect for 100.00 to 70.00 with free shipping.

StuffUCanMake says:

Thank you for the practical info!

Rush Blakely says:

What did you use to finish it? Looked like oil which could go rancid. I would suggest mineral oil which is food safe. Also titebond 3 is waterproof and a better choice.

Gary Williams says:

You learned a new phrase: "batch it out". Cute.

DaveSuperPowers says:

We are still using the cutting board you made for us!

redcon1gear says:

Like the video . I think it's laughable how the "experts " come on here saying they can't believe you sold that for $100 because they lack the skills to make it happen! Keep up the great work and keep hustling love the channel and the sales and business advice as always .

Melrose Design Company says:

Hey nice video man! Quick little sale right there, nothing wrong with that! Not sure why everyone is so sad and upset you sold a cutting board for $100. I think that’s a job well done, like you said towards he end, if you batched a few out you could have given your buddy a better rate. He caught you at a bad time where his demand was higher than your supply and you reflected that in your price. Keep it up

Frank S. says:

Just advertisement… I'm disappointed…

Dave Satosky says:

i do not mean for this to be negative, but i am amazed that you are able to get $100 for that cutting board. You must be one hell of a salesman, because I could see getting maybe $20

DJ Loopez says:

I really like the way u did this video, it came out awesome. What brand of finish did u put on the board

Chelsea Metayer says:

What kind of glue did you use?

Maroo stafford says:

Glad to see you back. I hope everything went well in your personal life. Keep at it, back on the horse friend. The sunset is always at the end and we just need to keep riding until we get there

DJ Loopez says:

Great video 👍

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