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Josh Havens says:

Awsome! Just what i need

Rob H says:

Great advice in the breakdown for someone starting to price work. Question, how did you cut sanding time in half from your estimate?

John Alexander says:

Do you ever do traditional builds? Mortise and tenon, dove tail,half lap….I’m surprised at the amount of”Woodworkers” on YouTube who put boards together. I’m not trying to be ugly I do enjoy some of your videos.

Hammer and Neil says:

whoa! this is like 5x growth in a month! I'm glad to see that your getting results.

Justin Courts says:

Keep them comming.

אברהם הרצוג says:

‏i love the videos what you make with calculation about how much to take please make more from .this type thank you

Ken Stankiewicz says:

I was one of the new subscribers you talked about. I’m always searching for new woodworking videos and stumbled upon your channel. I like videos that have conversation vs. videos that just play music. Thank you. Keep up the great work.

Dr. Woodworking says:

Hello. I think that this woodworking project will be better thatn yours!

James Jacobsen says:

I love wood working and your enthusiasm for your business. Sadly it's removed all ideas for me to do this as a profitable hobby. I'll continue to do it for fun, but can't give up the Day job, or Night job either.

Craig Kersting says:

Interesting channel. Two thoughts; go easy with the up selling talk directly on your channel in such a blunt manner. It can be off putting to clients learning about your services. Secondly, calculate a fix rate (average cost) per project on the expendables (glue, sandpaper, etc.). Special stains, not so much. Use a multiplier based on size/difficulty if necessary. You can also do that with labor costs. I like your enthusiasm and entrepreneurial spirit.

Steve Fleming says:

Not to be a negative but your math is incorrect. Your estimate was going to net you $75 not $115. So you actually did better than you thought.

Kenneth Scheepers says:

Got an idea for a next video! I would really like to see how your quote/ invoice to your client looks like? Do you individually item things or just a price for the ordered product?
Hope my question makes sense!
Watching your videos from South Africa 🇿🇦

Merciful Stingray says:

This is what I want to do with my garage. I enough tools to start just struggle with where to start. I'll be looking to purchase your program very soon.

Derek Schaefer says:

Yea screw the tax man.

daren overbeck says:

I enjoy watching your videos there very informative quick question when I give an estimate to a customer i usually charge the material cost times two do you feel that's a good profit margin I'm more of a hobbyist than a business

Melrose Design Company says:

I personally like these videos where you show how to price furniture! Great video

Jered Wilson says:

Just an idea for pricing "batch" items to maximize profit. I use a sliding scale based upon square inch/foot. As an example, items under 3 sqft are .25 per sqin. Larger items (tables, cabinets, etc) are $25 per sqft. I found early on that daily rates, hourly rates, or cost of materials x3 priced me out of business. With a sqin/sqft system (with cost of materials covered by client) I'm maximizing profits, while being competitive for custom work and batch items.

Doug Prentice says:

I've watched a bunch of your vids. Very interesting. But I've not heard you talk about taxes. Understand the $30/ hour self employed equals about $15.

Then consider if you do it full time, paying your own health insurance… Plan on needing to make another 3k a month.

Sam Powers says:

Hey that’s me!!

Don T says:

Just a little constructive criticism. Please stop saying "umm" every two seconds. You have a great enthusiasm and an infectious manner about you. Don't destroy it by trying to talk too fast and constantly saying "umm". Otherwise, go get 'em tiger.

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