I stop woodworking

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Web site article: https://benchworks.be/en/information/i-quit-woodworking/

Some could surprise why I have not posted in virtually a 12 months, this could clear issues up. I will not stop making movies and initiatives, however I should stop making furnishings.

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Hal Eccles says:

Thanks for your videos and plans.
Good luck for the future.

Chip Atchison says:

It wold b very interesting to those of us who know little about farming to hear your business plan. For instance, out of your 210 acres, how many will remain for wheat, barley and corn and how many acres will be planted with vegetables? Also, with the farm equipment investment how much will you be able to invest/loan/rent to plant the vegetables? Just eager to know and best wishes.

Boris Beaulant says:

Happy new life Timothy !

Liam Meharry says:

Mate, you are living the dream

a14266 says:

I wish you all the best

JohnnyBit says:

I always loved your projects especially goldsmith tables. So much that I want to make my own someday.

Petit Phoenix says:

Bon courage pour la suite. Tu inspires beaucoup de personnes.

Howard Whitehead says:

Noooooo….. loved your work, hope you keep producing vids, whether farming or woodwork…

FarmingGeorge says:

Congratulations, Timothy. You chose perhaps the worst year weather wise to start farming (!), but I’m sure you’ll love the change.

Scott O'Keeffe says:

Farming or woodworking , either way, I'm up for it! Really great video.

itorIamop says:

Salut! J'ai hâte de voir les prochains projets d'atelier.

Peter Blackwood says:

You can’t eat a bench, good luck with the farm

Mo Dysmo says:

I am a fan and always stay a fan. Thanks.

Furry Gamer says:

Keep the farm content coming

abdoullah abdrahmaane says:

it's also a great job, a lot of responsibility, I understand, the door is still open for your contribution.
I wish you the best.
see you soon 😉

Peter Ruygrok says:

I love to watch a dedicated person doing his things, good luck!

rob lockwood says:

Same here, farming and woodworking are both as fun to watch, and I do both:)

Kim Shirley says:

I live in a small rural town (7,400 people) in the US which is primarily a farming / ranching community along with oil production. Would love to see videos on farming! Just one more thing you will be great at..

Welsh Rabbit says:

I agree completely with Matthias. You chaps are two of my very favorite Youtubers. I love your woodworking videos, but your farm work is fascinating to watch, too. Anything you post will provide joy to your fans.

Kermit says:

Gotta get out of Syria while you’re still allowed.

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