Live-Edge Cedar Sofa Table Build | Hand Tool Woodworking

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A few months ago, a friend of mind gave me a HUGE haul of wood, including a gorgeous live-edge cedar slab. Truthfully, I’m not terribly good at thinking out of my own little design box, so I couldn’t come up with a good way to use this slab. In fact, I almost cut off the knotty end. Thankfully, my mom saw the slab one day and commented about how much she loved it. Since I am waiting on a load of walnut to acclimate to my shop before I begin work on a walnut side board, I decided to make my mom this sofa table, and man did it not disappoint.

It’s a very simple design with a few complexities. It’s a simple, tapered leg shaker-style table with mortise and tenon joinery for the apron rails. However, to make the top appear to be floating, you need some sort of support structure to lift it off the table carcass. So, I used tapered, sliding dovetails to affix the supports to the apron rails, and then I used regular sliding dovetails to attach the top to the support.

All in all, it wasn’t a hard project, but it did take some thinking, planning, and a LOT of planing! Also, I did it with almost all hand tools; the only power tool I used was my bandsaw to trim the leg blanks down to square and then to cut the curves on the supports. In total, it was about 5 minutes of work on the band saw. Sorry for all you purists out there 🙂

Here’s the article from Fine Woodworking where I got my inspiration:

I didn’t get any plans or anything. I just took the picture, and then I made that design work for what I had.

I really hope you’ve enjoyed watching me and my mom make this live-edge cedar sofa table.

Thanks so much for watching!

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Jim Eads says:

Fantastic project!! So neat to see you and your mom work on this.

The Wood Yogi says:

Beautiful work Andrew 🙂 ॐ

vova Nester says:

Это супер. Вот интересно. А что за древесина?

Atelie toque De Arte says:

Parabéns ficou lindo no ambiente. 👏👏

Jesse Gomez says:

Great job! I really loved how this turned out.

Make Brooklyn says:

That came out great!! Love the way the grain leaps out of that cedar!

ThriveworksFred says:

Amazing! Even better in person (and so are the creators)!!! Awesome!!

Twisted Boards says:

Nice work. It's great that your mom got some time with some tools and with you. I'm glad you explain how much time you have in the project. I always listen for that when I watch a hand tool project. Good stuff!

Skippy Lippy says:

What a wonderful video and story!
So glad that you shared this with us.
Thank you :))

Rosa Jaques says:

Ficou lindo,simplesmente maravilhoso,adorei a participação de tua mãe🙌🙌

Natione Paula says:

Parabéns adorei 🔝🔝👏👏👏

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