MAKING A TRADITIONAL JOINERY TRAY // Japanese Impressed Woodworking

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On this venture I make an exquisite little tray utilizing solely hand instruments and conventional hand lower joinery that was impressed by Japanese woodworking. I exploit sliding dovetails, tusked or wedged mortise and tenons, and rabbets and dados to make this tray and its made out of Walnut, Maple, and Cocobolo.

Massive thanks to Woodpeckers Instruments for making such top quality precision squares and format instruments. Having and utilizing correct and exact instruments like these actually provides me the boldness I would like when doing this sort of work! I’ve used poor high quality squares prior to now and it turns into very irritating and problematic when your instruments are really sq. or keep sq..

And an enormous thanks to Japan Woodworker for sending me such superb handcrafted Japanese chisels. I’ve been utilizing their Matsumura Japanese Blue metal chisel nearly completely for a number of months now and am really in love with them. There’s something about utilizing such stunning top quality and handcrafted instruments like these that encourage and push you to do them justice and do the very best work you presumably can.





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Videography and Enhancing: Marlon J Torres

DISCLAIMER: Woodworking and using energy and hand instruments will be extraordinarily harmful. You might be liable for understanding the protected use of your instruments and strategies. Your security is YOUR duty, I settle for NO duty or legal responsibility for any accidents, accidents, dying occurring to you or others if you happen to try and do the issues that I do or use recommendation that I give.


Bill Segler says:

Hand tool woodworking just warms the body, mind, and soul. Thank you for the beautiful close ups of the tools in action.

remon kaldas says:

Another amazing project and video!! Love the whole look!!

Shevy says:

Will you come out with plans for this tray?

Jeremiah Patrick says:

Beautiful piece, I love handles

Joe Black says:

Dude, this is freaking beautiful!!

Tra Cruea says:

Love the handtool only builds. Great work man. You have some serious skills. Is that knew concepts coping saw worth the money? Lol just curious

Celso Carlos says:

Como sempre admiro muito seu trabalho, acabamento irretocável. Cumprimentos para UTZ

alaskankare says:

I love the way the handles were built. At first your eye says, wait a minute, that's not possible. The look makes it seem like the handle is just floating under the sides, but on closer inspection, you can see that it is keyed into the sides of the handle. Very cool looking. What are you planning to use the tray for?

Joel Wetzel says:

No, thank YOU. It's always a treat for my eyes and ears when things are done with hand tools. Everything you did and the choices you made were excellent. Do you have any interest in bowyery?

Claudiu says:

paul sellers is happy.

Michael Richins says:

Absolutely stunning! I definitely love the sapwood and natural edging on the top!

Ian Griffith says:

very cool project!

Mike F says:

absolutely beautiful job man! Im really glad I found your channel 🙂 cheers

Damion Goodwin says:

That was a great video!!!

Terence Charlesworth says:

Stunning work and an enjoyable video

Torin Halsey says:


Chris Wilson says:

I love the fact that no glue was used. Definitely a nice touch!

Zale Dalen says:

Beautiful work. Wonderful to see you using hand tools. I do wish you would leave out the "music" though. It adds nothing except tedium. As a musician, it is impossible for me to watch your video without constantly hearing very boring and repetitive music. There's nothing wrong with natural sounds. Please try appreciating your real audio environment next time.

Michael-Paul Cuccia says:

Man, that is a beautiful work of art. Couple things – that "scalloped" finish and some of those smaller planes you used are really interesting. Could you make a video with more details on how to use hand planes for various finishes and edges?

Salvador Elmer Cabotage III says:


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