Surprisingly Easy Woodworking Joint for Beginners

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Leah shows how to make one of the most important basic woodworking joints, the rabbet joint.

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Chris Burnette says:

Simple yet effective 🙂 gotta love Leah

Tim Caron says:

Another great video Leah.  I have been using this joint for years now and you are so right, it is one of the most important joints to know for beginners and general wood working.  I make a lot of cabinets and this is great for recessing backing on the cabinets.  A great tip that I use for finding the blade height since I don't have blocks is to use drill bits instead.  they are always in the shop and it provides you with several different thicknesses.  Thanks again.  Be safe.   Tim

Karsten Boye Nielsen says:

You are good. Thanks.

Soap Swirls and Techniques How'd Ya Do That? says:

You're THE BEST Leah!

Kpopahjussi63 says:

Thank you for the simple and clear explanation/demonstration. Most sites assume we all know everything there is to know, but some of us don't.

Bill Dodson says:

I say rabbet but I think rebate is a better term. Great video. Knowing several ways to do something makes one resourceful and better able to improvise.

John Ernest says:

Very nice information leah thank you 😁

LaTX Piper says:

very good demonstration on this cut. Thanks

1806StoneHouse says:

The first cool hand tool I purchased was an old Stanley rabbet plane. 👍👍

Clem McGuinness says:

Love the set up bars technique. I have used Lego bricks … Yikes.

Stephen Mayne says:

Great video. Thanks

Spend Time, Save Money, DIY says:

Great video I liked all the tips! I always think it's funny calling it a rabbet being from the UK 🔨👍🏼

Joe Johnson says:

Best DIY channel on YouTube easy!

Norbury53 says:

Loved the editing error @6:32, it gives an insight to the background of these videos, plus it gives some evidence that, Leah, you are, after all, indeed human, just like us mere mortals (just better).

Norbury53 says:

LOL You say rabbet, I say rebate, let's call the whole thing off. No way! ha ha

(Edit: Just realised you say "hythe", and I say "hite" – let's call the whole thing off!)

Sidney Mathious says:

That is a great tip on making the rabbet joint with the table saw and as for the write in the rain notebooks, I used them when I was working for the Arkansas Department of Corrections and the notebooks came in handy since we perspired so much when outside especially. I still have a few around home and purchased them at the local Army exchange and love them so much.

Banjer Legs says:

Great vid! How about a review of your Laguna saw since you have had it awhile now? Thanks for all you do!

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