Woodworking Extremely Dangerous – Wood Turning Skills Of Carpenters Extremely High In Asia

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Woodworking Extremely Dangerous – Wood Turning Skills Of Carpenters Extremely High In Asia
Art Wood-Turning
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Guerrero Sinbatalla says:

If you pause it on minute 16:49 that thing looks like an atomic bomb.

Robert Clolery says:

A real poster child for OSHA!!!

Cường Bùi says:

Ad người việt hả

Buck Buck says:

He was great in sling blade….

Buck Buck says:

Thats fucking terrifying.and im crazy…

Theresa Milverton says:

I y6555M: V(

Vlad Klimovich says:

If you want to build it yourself just google for woodprix. I know you will find good solutions for all your ideas.

Schranzoslavek says:

Safety is NOT number one priority.

The Purple Owl says:

A giant table leg?

Vlad Klimovich says:

so i made it too 😀 just by using woodprix plans:)

Dave -in-NJ says:

this is really silly. a simple saw would take half the time and make it round with total control.
alas, no one questions the old ways.

Seth Wolfe says:

Still way too slow a CNC would have had it within 5 minutes. But guy still did a good job. Is this a big chest piece? Or a big wooden dildo for ancient times

Akay A says:

wasting the round timber for nothing. sorry for nature.

Anthony D says:

You call this skilled??? I don't get it.  I call it stupid. Why doesn't he work it from the end???  ALOT safer that way.. WTF dude.

hamilton fernandes dos santos says:

very dangerous but great

1-Shot slinger says:

I will say I think I certainly like my thumb more than this guy !

googleboyny says:

Wow, all that for one bowling pin….

Константин Tsyplyakov says:

Пробка для бутыли наверное.

Potoleacos Alexandri0n says:

This tehnic it is very dangerous.😎

Борис Аверин says:

Какая нужная вещь в хозяйстве)

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