Woodworking with Epoxy

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Woodworkers love the possibilities with epoxy and DIY projects. Our finishes will take your piece to the next level. Learn all the tips and tricks to finishing wood with Stone Coat Countertop epoxy.
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Brian Larson says:

I have a oak table I hope to refinish, following.

Karen Presley says:

I like seeing what others have done also. There are some very creative people. Can't wait to see what all you do next.

FlowZone1 Tiffany says:

Those headstock-fretboards are stunning!!!

Аа В says:

Не пробовали сделать срез минералов под яшму, агат,халкопирит,халцедон и другие подобные минералы.Мне кажется можно сделать целые пано для кафетерий и ресторанов.


Teresa Nanry says:

Beautiful , i commented on this video before but for some reason my comment is gone. But this is a prize piece. LOVE IT.

Jeannie Winters says:

I've watched several of your vids and really like the artistic look. Think this may be less expensive than Granite. Need to replace tile countertops. Working on budget. Question: should my new sink be set under? Also, my counters are interrupted on either side of sink and range with the tile surrounding the sink. So, should I pour the sections separately or set it up to be done all at once?
Thanks, any advice is welcome. 😊

Tail End Customs says:

Man I wish I had the dough. I would love to do so many ideas I have. That farm table is the beesknees too. Love the river tables too. Hell I love it all!!!!

BlackCat2 says:

ooooh! I want to see a video for that resin and wood guitar set! 🙂 Everything is awesome though as usual. 😀 – Heidi

Tony Pham says:

Wow what a treat! 2 videos today!

1NV4D3R says:

What makes it ZERO VLC? Whats VLC stand for? Is it water based or something? Does it emit anything at all? I sure would like to know because that something I never would have imagined. Something like this doesn't seem like it would be possible without emiting some kind of unhealthy gas.

TiểuCa Tây Bắc says:

Ở việt nam mua và học như nào vậy ?

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