You HAVE to see these six cool woodworking tools! (Atlanta show part 2)

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1:16 Convex Curve Cutter- //
1:50 Dubby Cutoff Sled- //
2:16 Earlex HV5500 Spray Station- //
3:31 Kreg Precision Router Lift- //
4:48 Ridge Carbide Triple Play Narrow Dado Set (Use coupon code SNWJ10): //

Part 1 of the Atlanta show edition: //

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effyou128 says:

I made your router lift and its great Ill keep that one I don't need a new one!!!!! lol

Trevanion says:

I don't understand the huge appeal for dado stacks, I find adjustable groovers for a spindle moulder/shapers work so much better in both Radial arm saws and table saws than the dado stacks. You got replaceable 4 sided carbides which last pretty much forever and you've got knickers on the sides for absolutely dead clean sidewall cuts in your grooves. Pretty much cheaper than any dado stack you can find in the UK as well, perhaps it's the other way around across the pond.

Sam Sabastian says:

USA still in Imperial throughout. When are they going to go metric and join the rest of the world?

TheFalconJetDriver says:

PS please do not review any band saw! Ha ha.

TheFalconJetDriver says:

The Earlex has arrived thanks to you, I looked at it a couple of years ago and you pushed me over the edge.
You also pushed me over edge on purchasing the igauge snap-check and the igauge 12 inch digital calipers.

Dan Braun says:

LOVE TOOL VIDEOS… keep them going.

Thomas Klink says:

OK Stumpy, how long before you come out with plans for a replica of the Dubby sled? Fire up the sketchup and bring it. You are the man.

Chris Sollars says:

I have used the Earlex several times a week for about 18 months now. It works very well and is good value. The only complaint I have is the excessive price of extra/replacement guns and needle sets.

Greg Chaney says:

James, the Dubby is not a "new" miter sled. I bought one from Jerry a number of years ago at a woodworking show. I have both the left and right version.I wonder how many thousands of picture frames he has made over the years at these demos?

bbasiaga says:

That Kreg lift looks very similar underneath to the Incra/JessEm. That lift is a good lift, so I'm sure the Kreg will be as well. Did a patent run out?

John Conklin says:

So many tools… so little $ lol

Bennett Ibey says:

So…Yanni or Laurel?

Dewey Graves Jr. says:

Great tools wonderful video James!

WB Fine Woodworking says:

An interesting selection of new tools. Thanks.

RHI Hodag says:

Didn't know Jerry Cole from In-Line Industry was still around. I bought a "Dubby" sled from him many years ago at a wood show in Kissimmee. Love my Dubby! It's VERY accurate.

Kris Ingmanson says:

The Dubby sled isn't new. He has been selling it at the woodworking shows for the 15 or so years that I have been going to them.

TomKaren94 says:

Jim: I've subscribed to numerous woodworking Youtube channels, and have unsubscribed from all but three. Yours is by far the best.

Stephan Pöhnlein says:

At first I feared that this mitre sled was better than mine, luckily I was wrong. 🙂


The box at the end.. Top notch quality right there…. 😉

Alex W. says:

I like the asymmetric dado stack design. A simple innovation, but it could be great for a lot of people!

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